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Don't live on the "deferred enjoyment plan."

In the relentless crush of the work-a-day world, which seems to be the status quo for most folks who grew up in a day and age that would have reacted with some incredulity to the phrase “me time,” it’s awfully tempting to think of life as a ride on the “deferred enjoyment” train. You know what I’m talking about:

“We really didn’t have time for a vacation this year because I just started a new job and….” or

“Let’s get the kids out of college, and then we can think about….” or perhaps one of the most unfortunate manifestations of missed opportunities in the lives of longtime partners,

“Let’s just see what’s on TV….”

As we pass various milestone’s on life’s journey, it’s important to take stock of how fleeting the simple prospect of “having a little fun” can be. Whether imposed by fiscal, family, or health limitations, every grain of sand that drops from the top chamber of the hour glass to the bottom one also invariably starts tilting your karmic balance away from joy and toward the more necessary—but tragically banal—pragmatic requirements of moving from one day to the next.

Given that unavoidable reality, I vote for shamelessly snatching every chance to seize happiness and joy wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Nurture friendships, be kind, hug your parents, laugh with your kids, and never ever miss the opportunity to share closeness with the most important person in your life!

Along those lines, I commend to your listening pleasure a song that basically makes that point in the context of an upbeat, danceable, and slightly saucy number called “Together Alone.”

I hope you and the person for whom you play it appreciate its message, and may the days you laugh always outnumber those less joyful!

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