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November 12, 2020

"Little Pink Kitty Christmas," based on Pete's holiday song by the

same name, was released as a children's book.  The story, told by the lyrics of the song, along with beautiful illustrations tell the tale of a dad’s desperate, last minute Christmas Eve search for a stuffed pink kitty cat for his little girl. Beautifully illustrated, the story describes how just when all seems lost, dad finds exactly what he’s looking for… and how the next morning he realizes the lesson we’re all meant to share:  It’s not about things you give and receive because if you have friends and family you love and who love you, you’re already rich beyond compare.  The book is available on Amazon

June 4, 2020

Write away magazine, out of the UK (mentioned below) published an article about Pete's heartfelt songwriting commemorated in a new release entitled "A Little More Better," in it's June issue.  The lyric video is available at

November 16, 2019

Brand new Christmas Song, "Little Pink Kitty" will be digitally available on Nov 25.  You can read the true story the song's based on at the "Little Pink Kitty" tab, where you can also hear a pre-release, "rough cut" version.  Hope you like it!

September 13, 2019

"A Little More Better"  is now available on iTunes and numerous digital retailers and streaming services.   Chloe, an absolutely incomparable singer does the lead vocal and harmonies - you have to check it out!  iTunes link is:  and Apple Music is:  

September 1, 2019

New RELEASE called "My Train's Late Again" is available on all online retailers and streaming services.  There's more info under the "M2" subpage on the "MUSIC" Tab, and you can check out the tune at:

Also have another NEW RELEASE dropping on September 12 called "A Little More Better."  My "rough cut" version is also on the "MUSIC" Tab, but the young lady who does lead vocals on the version that soon-to-be-released version is the same incredible talent who sang on "His New Girl."  Don't miss it!  SoundCloud version available at: 

April 6, 2019

“Write Away,” a UK-based magazine for lyricists, songwriters and musicians, published an article by Pete about songwriting technique in the April 19 issue. It’s on pg 21 of: Issue No: 4

Full Article Available at:

February 6, 2019

“Beyond the Dash,” a beautiful site dedicated to supporting those dealing with the loss of a loved one ranked “Far From Perfect” #1 of their top 5 songs honoring a beloved husband.  The complete list is:

1. “Far From Perfect, But He Was Mine” — Chanteuse

2. "Recovering" — Céline Dion

3. "See You Again" — Carrie Underwood

4. "There You'll Be" — Faith Hil[

5. "Heaven Was Needing a Hero" — Jo Dee Messina

Full Article available at:

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