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What's This About 

I’m a fairly average guy leading a fairly average life. Like most busy people, for whom everything that happens between Monday and Friday seems a bit of a blur just trying to earn a living, over time I started losing focus on the things that make all of our lives extraordinary and beautiful. I’ve always loved musical stories that speak to life's highs and lows in ways that are universally relatable... love and joy, loss and sadness, defeat and redemption, and of course, good humor with dear friends.  I've been writing songs for years, but although I can carry a tune and play a few chords, I don't consider myself a "musician." Fortunately, I'm blessed to have friends and family who are exceptional musicians and who generously lend their abundant talents to help me bring to life through music the stories I'd like to tell.  I hope you like what you hear, and if any of the music resonates with your own life experience, send me a note on the contact page             I'd love to hear about it.  

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