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Sweetest New Christmas Song Ever!

"Little Pink Kitty"

Desperate to keep Christmas alive for your little one?  This is your song!

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Yes, “Little Pink Kitty” is based on a completely true story!

As a 5-year old, my daughter was the very picture of a little cherub filled with the wonder and awe of Christmas.  She not only had that infectious enthusiasm little hearts bring to celebrations large and small, she was simply a force of nature in the “love your neighbor” department.  Hugs for everyone.  Anywhere, any time.  Pure joy.  Beautiful!

My wife and I had taken the kids to see Santa a few days before Christmas, and it was, predictably, awesome!  When they inquired of the big guy about presents for me and their mom, which naturally made both of us tear up a bit, Santa said “of course, as long as Dad remembers to put his shoes away.”  Well…. I was notorious for leaving my shoes all over the house, so you can just imagine the reaction of two little true believers!  Amid all that excitement, apparently my daughter whispered “just one more thing” she wanted Santa to bring her, but neither I nor mom registered that exchange. 

Fast forward to 9:30 PM on December 23rd.  After we finished bedtime prayers, as I was tucking her in, my little angel pulled the bed sheet up around her cheeks like a satin beard, curled up her legs and said “I’m so excited!”  When I asked why, she started reviewing the list of treasures she was looking forward to finding under the tree Christmas day.  Fortunately, her mom and I had been paying close attention to such discussions for quite some time, and let’s just say we were looking forward to the Christmas morning every bit as much as was our littlest elf.

Then all of the sudden she said, “and I can’t wait to hug my medium pink kitty!’” My daughter was about the most ardent stuffed animal officianado I’ve ever known.  Every one of them in her extensive collection had intricate back stories and unique personalities born of her rich and inexhaustible imagination (she’s now an incredibly talented playwright), and she cherished every single one.  I just smiled, kissed her on the forehead and thought to myself “surely, my lovely bride had already planned for the new addition to our little menagerie.” 

Long story short:  She was as surprised as I was about the “medium pink kitty.”  Uh oh. 


So…. O’dark hundred Christmas Eve morning, my father-in-law (Poppy) and I set out to make sure Santa hadn’t accidentally overlooked this particular wish by one of his most outspoken and enthusiastic supporters.  I was certain there had to be a toy store within a reasonable distance that had what I needed.  However, much to my heartbreak, by 4:30 that afternoon, after trying at least 20 stores, all I had to show for the hundred plus miles I put on my truck that day was a very small stuffed cat bearing sad little resemblance to the one she described, a white Beanie Baby cat and some red fabric dye. In a word, I was desperate.

Poppy reminded me that we absolutely had to pick up some items from the grocery store before it closed for our traditional Christmas Eve snack fest and family gathering that evening at my brother’s house.  As we were getting out of the car at our neighborhood Safeway, we could hear holiday music playing on the speakers in the parking lot, and it started to snow.  Nevertheless, despite that very Norman Rockwell perfect sort of Christmas Eve vibe, my heart sunk as I pictured myself trying to explain why Santa hadn’t seen fit to fill one tiny little wish of his very biggest fan.

As we were walking through the parking lot, for reasons I literally cannot explain, I just sort of mindlessly let my eyes wander across all the little store fronts when I noticed sitting in the window… in the very last store … where the lights were being turned off one, by one… a pink stuffed kitty cat that matched the description my daughter had given me to a “T!” 

So I sprinted across the parking shouting “wait—wait!” 

After convincing the sweet little old lady who’d just locked up the store that I wasn’t a crazy person there to try to snatch her purse, she was all too happy to play a part in making a Christmas wish come true.  When I asked her how much I owed for the kitty, she put a soft little hand on my cheek, like my mom used to, and said “not a penny young man… not a penny. Merry Christmas!”  

I dropped by the little store a few days later hoping to tell the proprietor who’d saved the day all about the joy in my house Christmas morning, but she wasn’t there, and the woman working the counter seemed a little confused about which person I would have spoken with on Christmas Eve because she thought they had closed early that day.  Rather than return another time to try to straighten out the mystery, I decided right then and there that I knew everything I needed to know about what had happened in the parking lot that Christmas Eve.

Now, every time stress starts creeping its way into my holiday season, I remind myself that miracles do happen, and that there still is magic in the world.  You just have to make sure you don’t overlook it!

I hope you like the song and that it reminds you and your loved ones about magic too.

The song should be available on all major streaming and purchase sites around December 1.  If you like the song, and can part with 99 cents, I hope you’ll consider buying “Little Pink Kitty” and playing it often during the holiday season! (Turns out publishing a children's book is a rather pricey proposition....)


I’m working on a children’s book that tells the story using the lyrics of the song, which hopefully will be available next fall.  If you’d like me to send you an email letting you know when it’s available, or if you'd like to share any other thoughts, just send me an email at thisislifesong@gmail.com or send me a note on the contact Tab.


The actual "Pink Kitty" this song is about.