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Day 259 - Selling Books is Hard

Well, it’s been an interesting and enjoyable journey. Little Pink Kitty Christmas, my first ever kids book, went live on Amazon November 6, 2020. I am really happy with the finished product! Like most newbies, I felt certain that with just a little “exposure,” I’d be well on my way to enjoying a modest return on the investment of time, effort, and resources. So, I set about using every means available to market my new creation to the world, including but not limited to: Facebook feeds and user groups, paid Facebook and Amazon advertising, building a website Little Pink Kitty Christmas and spending considerable energy carefully attending to Search Engine Optimization of the website and YouTube channel, crafted and delivered to print, radio and TV outlets roughly 200 press releases prepared in accordance with industry standards, created & advertised a video “book trailer” plus a full length video version of the book in which the illustrations were set to the music of the original Christmas song the book’s based on . As of today, according to Amazon, a total of 81 books have been purchased… a good chunk of which, I suspect, by family and kind supportive friends.

I read somewhere that roughly 7,000 new self-published books are released every day, so I knew the competition to “get noticed” would be stiff, but I hoped once a critical mass of folks saw it, liked it, and shared it, that the prospect of at least breaking even wouldn’t seem so unreasonable as it now does. Oh well. Live and learn.

As the numbers establish, I'm no expert at any of this. If you'd like some additional info on things that don't appear to work terribly well, PM me :-) I'm happy to share. Happy Holidays!

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