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Day 21 - Progress on Book Continues

The book project seems to be moving ahead very nicely … in one respect ... in that the incredibly talented artist with whom I am collaborating on the illustrations is absolutely AMAZING. At this juncture, she is finalizing the coloration on the first illustration to ensure I’m happy with the color pallet and theme, which seems perfect to me. From that point forward, she’ll do the sketches of all the scenes, then go about colorizing in the final step, after making certain I’m happy with all the drawings. In another respect, sadly, her locality is being particularly hard hit by the virus, and it has been a very difficult time for her and her family. It’s really heartbreaking. Please keep a lovely artist and her family in your prayers. Here’s the latest iteration of the beauty she is creating. (Still lots of details to add, such as stockings, and one more small child, bows on packages etc., but the warmth and "feel" is just perfect... like she read my mind... only way better!)

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