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Day 94: Only One More Sketch to Go!

The night before last I received from my illustrator two updated sketches and an additional two more, leaving only one page left to sketch out before I'll have an entire draft concept copy of the children's book I'm working on. To recap, I'm turning a beautiful little song about a dad's efforts to help Santa make one of his little girl's Christmas wishes come true into a children's book. The lyrics of the song account for about 90 percent of the text, and I found a magnificently talented illustrator on Fiverr with whom I'm working on the illustrations. It's really a fascinating process! I basically sent her a collection of really pathetic concept pages I sketched on my MS Surface in a PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying text, which she is using to create beautiful illustrations. Below is an example of the sketches I send her. It's the last one I'm waiting for.

When she returns the final finished sketch, I'll print them all on larger paper and do a page-by-page edit of the text and a review of the art for thematic consistency, etc. After I give her the post-edit go ahead, she'll finish the illustrations in full color and added details. I found a number of sites discussing the most common formats for the various types of children's books. This one's going to be a square format (7.5 inch by 7.5 inch) with 13 two-page landscape illustrations (see below). I'm hoping to have it ready for distribution by this year's holiday season.

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