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Day 101: All Concept Illustrations Complete!

Just a few days ago I received the last of the concept illustrations for my children’s book, and now I’m ready to do a page-by-page review. The materials I’ve read on the subject say I should be checking for consistency (characters wearing same clothes depending on timeline, etc.), as well as taking a good close look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, text location, and such). I also plan to roll in the assistance of some kind volunteer proof-reader/reviewers. Once I’ve completed this step, I’ll give the illustrator the go ahead to begin colorizing and “finalizing” her work in comparable fashion to the first one she completed (full color illustration 2 in the layout below). It’s really exciting to see the overall story now reflected in these beautifully interpreted illustrations—sort of brings it to life in a way even better than I’d hoped. I have just begun reaching out various printers – sooooo many options from which to choose! I’m definitely going to need to do some additional research to figure out the best route for this project.

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