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Day 69 - And the Incredible Illustrations Keep Coming

I am now 69 days and into the project. Though progress is moving a little more slowly than I’d hoped – it is doing so for matters completely outside of anyone’s ability to control, such as the heartbreaking impact of the world COVID-19 pandemic and a terrible typhoon striking near the home of my talented illustrator. In spite of it all, this amazing artist continues to turn the conceptual straw I provide her into beautiful pictographic storytelling gold. Here’s just one example of the four additional sketches she has completed since my last entry. I had no idea how to lay out this one, so all I was able to provide was the following narrative description, which I asked her to work from:

"... This will be sort of like the illustration two pages ago, where she’s in here bed, perhaps from a slightly different perspective. She’s now sitting up in her bed, looking so very excited, as if in mid-sentence telling me (young Pappa Pete) all about the little kitty she wants.She has thought bubbles (or something that conveys a similar feel) around her head where she sees herself and Little Pink Kitty together… in one of those thought bubbles they’re having a tea party with other stuffed animals… in another, she’s taking Little Pink Kitty for a walk in a baby stroller, and in the third, she’s hugging Little Pink Kitty with a great big smile on her face."

And here's what she created -- HOW COOL IS THAT!?

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