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Day 329 – Some Nice Reviews

I learned a great deal about the children’s book business over the last year or so. Perhaps one of the most sobering lessons is how incredibly difficult it is to get your new book noticed in the tsunami of new, self-published books that hit the market every day… roughly 7,000 of them. If even only a fraction of that number are children’s books, the odds of standing out in such an ocean of material seem fairly daunting. Nevertheless, I’ll keep chugging away, networking with other authors, submitting to book review blogs and those sorts of things.

The week before last I was absolutely delighted to learn that Little Pink Kitty Christmas was selected as a finalist in “The Wishing Shelf” book awards! The winners will be announced in April. Of course I’ve got my fingers crossed, but win or not, I’m honored to have been selected as a finalist. I’m equally grateful for everybody who’s picked up a copy of the book on Amazon and left some nice reviews. That’ll help me with the algorithm next year 😊

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