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Day 204: The Book Should Be Available Next Week!

I uploaded my entire project (new Christmas-themed children’s book based on an original song) to Amazon KDP this afternoon and requested an “author’s proof” copy, which I’m told will come to me looking like a finished product, but with the words “not for resale” sort of watermarked throughout. That’ll be my proverbial “end of runway” check to ensure—to the best of my ability—that I haven’t left misspelled words in the narrative, and that the print quality and such is good. If all goes as I’m hoping it will, the book should be available on Amazon, and the accompanying song should be available on all major streaming and online music retailers, by November 1st. Stay tuned! Oh, and here’s a little video trailer -- I’d love to hear the thoughts of anyone who’s got a minute or two to share them. (PLEASE BE ADVISED, CONTRARY TO WHAT THE VIDEO SAYS, THE BOOK ISN’T AVAILABLE YET—NEXT WEEK!)

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