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Day 179: Final Stretch of Creating Children's Book

I’m getting very close to having all the completed colorized illustrations. Since my last post I’ve been fortunate to get some great feedback from folks, which my incredibly talented illustrator is in the process of incorporating into the final artwork. I’m now trying to do as much as I can to be ready to market the book for this holiday season as soon as it’s available. I’m probably going to go with Amazon KDP (stands for Kindle Direct Publishing) because it appears to be the most user-friendly option. If I understand the process correctly, I’ll essentially have to turn each page into a PDF, then upload them to the app. What I like about KDP is that it provides both e-books (for kids who may wish to enjoy on a tablet), and print on demand hard copies, which I think is a must have option for a children’s picture book. The profit-per-sale is lower than if I went with a printer/binder and just sold the hard copies myself, but I don’t have to invest in a room full of inventory, and I’m not in the “box it up and go to the post office” mode. All in all, for a self-published dude or dudette with a full-time day job and not much operating capital, seemed like a great solution.

As for marketing, I’m going to start by running a little video in a few paid FB adds as soon as the book becomes available on Amazon. The video is composed of the illustrations in the book set to the music of the song that is the basis of the story. I shot a little “behind the scenes” snippet that describes what I’m talking about in a bit more detail you can check out here if you’re interested.

I also created a stand alone Website (Screenshot below). At the moment, it’s just got lots of placeholders, but with just a few replacements of placeholders with the finished products (actual links), it’s ready to go too.

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