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New EP - Nov 1, 2020

"Little Pink Kitty Christmas" New holiday classic - also forthcoming new children's book.  It's gonna be a classic.

"Together Alone" Finding time for the "two of you" is as important at 55 as it is at 25!

"His New Girl"  THE song for the mother of the groom... groom to be... married son.

"On a Gypsy Road" As you kids head out into the world, remind them to ENJOY THE WAY!

"I Miss the Old Days"  Remember life before devices?  'Nuff said.

"A Little More Better"  Healing a relationship that's on the rocks isn't about grand gestures...  Just a little less worse, and a little more better

"Far From Perfect, But He Was Mine"  A promise for life is hard, but it's also beautiful and as enduring as time itself.  Appreciate every day!

I Miss the Old Days
Vocal & Guitar:  Pete M

"I Miss the Old Days" isn't about picking sides in a difficult debate.   t's about broken relationships and the extent to which something about our so very "connected" world has resulted in so much isolation and … well ... disconnectedness.   It's about something real and sad and that--tragically--I think is universally relatable at this moment in time.

A Little More Better
Vocal:  Chloe G;  Keyboard:  Ray F;  Guitar: Pete M
Little More Better Cover Art -

"A Little More Better" is about finding your way back to a good place when, from time to time in any long term relationship, things seem to be on a shaky foundation. All marriages have their ups and downs, but the thing to remember is that the magic that brought you together in the first place is strong and resilient.  When you want to find your way back to the "togetherness" you know and cherish, you don't need huge gestures or over-the-top life changes... just a little less "worse" and a little more "better."  This one is still in work, but I hope you like it!

His New Girl
Vocal:  Chloe G;  Keyboard:  Ray F;  Violin: Luke M;  Guitar: Pete M

“His New Girl” is about the emotional journey travelled by a mom in the months and weeks leading up to the day her son gets married.  I witnessed—up close and personal—this journey as my beautiful bride of 30+ years anticipated the “big day.”  It was such a deeply stirring experience.  On the one hand, it’s a little saddening to think about your child moving on… completely… to a new life where you’re no longer the center of his world, the person to whom he turns when times are hard, or the first one with whom he wants to share his ultimate highs… or from whom he draws comfort and reassurance during the unavoidable lows.  But when the music starts, and you see the expression on his face when she steps into view and starts down the aisle, you know this is surely what’s meant to be.  To all the moms who have—or who will—experience this day, I hope this song makes you smile and brings you joy.

Far From Perfect
Vocal:  Chanteuse; Guitar: Pete M

“Far From Perfect, But He Was Mine" is dedicated to love eternal, and to those fortunate enough to have shared it.  It's about so much more than the excitement of a new relationship... or the rush of a first kiss.  Sharing your life--the hard times as well as the good ones--with another person isn't always easy, especially over the years as time and the unavoidable ups and downs of life take their inescapable toll.  But it is beautiful, and something worthy of being cherished.  It's about lots of people I treasure... hopefully with a little introspective twist too.  To anyone for whom this song resonates, I hope it brings you comfort and an assured, tranquil anticipation of what is yet to be.  

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