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In Work

This page is home to projects "in-work," which is to say, stuff I'm working on but haven't recruited anyone to put in final form yet.  I'd love feedback on the Contact page if you have any thoughts or observations on what's here. 

Gypsy Road - soon to be released! 

If you are of "a certain age" and have launched a child out into the world, at one time or another your prayer, silent or shared, has been "Dear Lord, let me child have a happy life!"  If you can relate to that, there's a song soon to be released called "Gypsy Road," which I wrote and my good friend and amazing musician, Gary, contributed most of the music, along with my harp-wizard son Jon, that will surely resonate with you!  I'll update when the release "goes live" on retail and streaming sites.  If you've got grown kids who you've recently sent out into the world, I promise it will touch your heart!  

This song is now actually a completed project.  If you want to hear how it came out in final production, it's the first song on the music tab.